For Beginners

Course Lessons

  1. Inside Your Camera – How the camera mechanism work for you.
  2. Understanding basic photography concepts, Exposure Triangle, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture & Depth Of Field, White Balance.
  3. You start shooting on fully manual mode.
  4. Practical training for shooting different objects at different source of light.
  5. Introduction to lenses and the use of each lens type.
  6. Overlook on advanced photography concepts, Histograms, Light types, RAW format
  7. You’ll do practical projects in HDR and low-light Photography
  8. You’ll do practical projects with Essential Photo Editing, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop
  9. You’ll do practical projects with Black and White Photography
  10. You’ll learn Macro Photography.
  11.  Introduction to Studio Lighting types & color temperature and choosing the right light for your work.
  12. Understanding the use of Soft Boxes, Diffusers, Reflectors for each project
  13. Practical training for shooting different objects at the studio
  14. Practical training for shooting people at the studio.
  15. You’ll learn how to earn your income through photography.
  16. Publishing your work online & Printing techniques.

Course Fees

One-To-One (1 Student): JOD 190

For Small Group Of Students  (Up to 6 people): JOD 160 Per Student