Specialized Course

Course Lessons

  1. Background types & preparing your backdrop & surface
  2. Remote Shooting & live views
  3. Perspectives & Product Compositions
  4. How to benefit from Depth Of Field in Product Photography.
  5. How to get 100% white background without photoshop
  6. Shooting For eCommerce Websites (Online Stores), and for Social Media.
  7. Styling your products
  8. Shooting reflective and shiny products
  9. Shooting transparent products like glass
  10. Post-Production & enhancing product images
  11. Special real effects (Water Splash, Frozen Beverage, Fog & Smoke, Colored Lights)
  12. Shooting products in Lifestyle 

Course Fees

One-To-One (1 Student): JOD 650

For Small Group Of Students  (Up to 6 people): JOD 590 Per Student