Specialized Course

Course Lessons

  1. Introduction to 3D & 360º Product Photography, and its benefit for Online stores and social media.
  2. Understanding the Theory of 3D/360º Product Photography & the difference between them
  3. Detailed Overview of the required equipments (Hardware & Software)
  4. How to make your own kit (DIY).
  5. Practical shooting of different products on different platforms.
  6. Preparing your images and advanced training to use professional softwares for 3D interactive views 
  7. Adding hotspots to show viewers the product’s main features and functions.
  8. Publishing your work on websites
  9. Publishing your work on Social Media
  10. Shooting large products on large platform.

Course Fees

One-To-One (1 Student): JOD 1,500

For Small Group Of Students  (Up to 6 people): JOD 1,390 Per Student